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 Our grey Schooling Flannel w / Tapestry Corner detail looks fitting on this light grey gelding.
 Soft and absorbent Pure Cotton Flannel
Our 100% Cotton Flannel pads are made out the most gentle and absorbent fabric we can find for horses - pure cotton!
Our flannels do not 'pill', and hold up to years of use.
Our Cotton Fleece is made from 2 layers of Heavy Felt,
and our Schooling Flannel is made from 4 layers of Flannel.

 Both Type Pads are easy to wash and dry
Our trademarked Pre-Washed and Pre-Shrunk pads are easy to care for; you don't have to worry about them changing shape or size.  We suggest you wash them in cold or warm water, line dry the until almost dry, then finish in the drier on warm.  If you'd like, you can line dry them all the way.

Excellent choice for horses w / sensitive skin
Many of our customers use these pads on horses with skin and or back problems.  The Cotton Fleece pad is a good choice for horses that have sensitive skin, are cold backed, or might have back problems of any sort.  For years veterinarians, trainers and saddlers have recommend these pads to riders who are looking for a thin pad that won't interfere with the way the saddle fits the horse's back.

All Pads stitched w/ heavy duty nylon thread
All of our Flannel Pads are sewn with the same heavy duty nylon thread we use in our Quilted Pads and Overstuffed
  Dog Beds. This particular thread won't snap, tear or unravel, and will stand up to repeat laundering and years of use. 

 in 100% COTTON:


Our  Pre-Washed & Pre-Shrunk Flannel Pads
are unique and can't be found any where else!

► Soft and absorbent Pure 100% Cotton Flannel

► Both type Pads are easy to wash and dry

Excellent choice for horses w / sensitive skin
Can be used alone or under a gel or foam pad
Can be ordered without guides for a liner
All Pads stitched with heavy duty nylon thread
Nylon girth guides double-stitched onto pad
Like all of the saddle pads we offer, our Flannel Pads
can be ordered in different sizes for any saddle, and
in a Hi-Whither cut or Regular Topline.  Please see our
 Size & Cut  page &  How to Order  page for more info.

 Laundry-Saving training pads
Both of our Flannel Pads can be used alone or under another
square pad ( or a gel or foam or a shaped pad kept under the saddle ), and pulled after use to be washed. At least two of either type Flannel Pad can be washed together by machine.

Order without guides to use as a liner
If you're ordering Quilted Pads from us, either one of our Flannel Pads can be used under another square pad as a liner if you'd like.  In that case, we can make the Flannel one size smaller than the top pad, and eliminate the girth guides.
The Schooling Flannel is the one most frequently chosen to be used as a liner, as it's a bit thinner than our Cotton Fleece.  Please see the  Schooling Flannel  page for details.

Nylon girth guides double-stitched onto pad
All of our Pads come w/girth guides  double-stitched onto the bottom edge of the Pad.  We don't sew on billet straps (higher up on the pad)  unless you want them too.  If you need Velcro Billet straps ( Velcro is sewn onto nylon straps for $10 additional ), please specify when ordering.
 Flannel Pad Colors: 
         Cotton Fleece:   Natural Only  
 Schooling Flannels:

PLEASE NOTE:  Our pads ship with  Girth Guides only  sewn onto the bottom edge of the pad. 
When ordering please indicate if  you need Billet Straps ( higher up on the pad ) too.

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